The Brandon Miller Arena
Double HH Ranch - A Ranch of Hope and Healing


Cowboy Church is a Christian Church with a Cowboy Culture and Western Atmosphere.
Ropin, Ridin, Eatin, Singin, and Preachin Christ.!

Cowboy Church in Jerusalem meets on the 1st - 3rd & 5th Saturday of every Month.
Saturday's  November - March (3pm to 6pm)
Saturday's  March - September (5pm to 8pm)

Our Cowboy Church Services begin at 5:00pm with the Presenting of the Flags and ends at 8:00pm with Riding in the Arena.

(Beginning November 6th, times will change; Services will begin Saturday's at 3:00pm, ending at 6:00pm)

God has sent the world to worship at Cowboy Church. We have converted Muslims, Messianic Jews, African Americans, Native American Indians, Cowboys, Cowgirls and more than a few Red Necks. We are blessed with people from all walks of life and what a blessing to meet under one roof in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.  Only He can make this happen.  We serve an awesome God.

Whether you wear your boots or a suit, come as you and and join us for Church Service the Cowboy Way.

Cowboy Ten Commandments

Cowboy Church in Jerusalem, Georgia

The Double HH Ranch & Brandon Miller Arena
9906 Henderson Mountain Road
Fairmount, Georgia 30139
(706) 337-4774  


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