The Brandon Miller Arena
Double HH Ranch - A Ranch of Hope and Healing

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Wish List: Equipment
Water Wagon
Wood Splitter

Need Volunteers for:
Sound Tech
Bus Driver
Children's Needs
Children's Boots (Girls & Boys)
Black Felt Cowboy Hats

Healthy Dinners (Food & Drinks)

(see food needs)


Wish List: Supplies
Gravel & Sand
Plastic Cups
Paper Plates
Large Garbage Bags
Paper Towels
Plastic Table Clothes

Wish List: Food Needs
(Items used to feed the Kids regularly)
Chicken / Ground Beef
Hot Dogs / Corn Dogs
Mayo / Ketchup/Mustard
Healthy Snacks
Fruit / Cheese / Nuts
Hot Chocolate

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Account Number (#9023)

Mail Donations to:
Cowboy Church in Jerusalem
9906 Henderson Mountain Road
Fairmont, GA 30139
List Account Number 9023 on checks

Cowboy Church in Jerusalem, Georgia

The Double HH Ranch & Brandon Miller Arena
9906 Henderson Mountain Road
Fairmount, Georgia 30139
(706) 337-4774  


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